Here are some of the ebuilds I made

I'd like to thank Scout (have a look at his homepage here) for his help.


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it contains a ebuild for vic, a video conferencing application developed by the Network Research Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley.
NB: This hasn't been tested yet, but i hope soon enough ( when you want Celeborn) ;)
2004/03/22 16:39:49


it contents all the ebuilds to emerge coaster gui :
coaster-gui-tla libburn-cvs bakery bakery-gnomeui libglademm libxml++ libcoaster-tla
As libxml++ replaces libxmlpp you need to unmerge it before
Be aware that it is still a version under high development
2004/09/13 19:37:37



You should know that we don't consider these ebuilds 100% clean, so try them at your own risk, however if you experiment problems with these we'd be glad to help.


How to install them:
To install the ebuilds, untar the tarballs in /usr/local/portage if this is your PORTDIR_OVERLAY.

If this is the first time you hear of PORTDIR_OVERLAY, you can familirize with this concept with the Howto, man make.conf, or just put PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage" in your /etc/make.conf and create /usr/local/portage if it doesn't exists.

Once you have untared everything in there, emerge name-of-package will do the rest. For coaster, emerge coaster-gui-tla should install the seven ebuilds in a row.

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