Howto synchronize a Apple Ipod on Gentoo Linux

Cheers up, it should work on other distributions


Firstly, I would like to inform Windows users that they should use the excellent ephpod from there instead of Apple stuff.
This will be the last word to those poor fellows

Well, let's get back to real stuff: how to synchronize an Ipod under Gentoo :
you need an Ipod and all ieee1394 stuff to link it under firewire. Only 2.6 kernels will be tackled, but on 2.4 ones it may be quite similar

Step 1:Kernel Configuration In the section Firewire do turn on (* or M) the following:
  • IEEE 1394
  • OHCI
  • SBP2
if you want to use usb port (i haven't tried but it should be quite easy with usb mass storage...)
Then compile it (i assume you know how to do this :) )
Now if you plug your Ipod a mesage should appears in dmesg
Step 2: Edit your Fstab do mkdir /mnt/ipod to have a mounting point for it.
This is optionnal but very useful:
add the following line (usually your Ipod is /dev/sda2)
/dev/sda2 /mnt/ipod vfat noauto,noatime,users 0 0
To find your Ipod dmesg gives you the name of lector (ie sda) and a fdisk sda would give you the partition
Step 3: install gtkpod just do emerge gtkpod (thank you wonderful portage ;) )
to configure it go to Edit/Preferences, but you shouldn't have many things to change

Enjoy now your Ipod without Windows nor Apple